Thursday, October 28, 2010

Time Warp

Check out some of these old wedding photos from the turn of the century through the early 1980's. It amazing to see how styles of dresses and flowers have changed. Most of the bridesmaids have bouquets bigger than what bride's carry today. It's very interesting to look back in time and think about what all these brides did for their reception and what music was played, etc. I can only imagine what they would think of our traditions and styles in today's world? I think some would be shocked to see the bride & groom break out into the Thriller Dance, witness the after dinner firework show, eat cupcakes vs. traditional cake, and blow bubbles at the bride & groom in lieu of throwing rice. I'm sure 100 years from now, someone may stumble upon this blog and mention this as being odd too.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Rustic Wedding at Juniper Well Ranch

Wine bottles served as table #'s. Surrounded by candlelight and eclectic vases filled with blooms of hydrangeas, mums, safari sunsets and willow branches.

The arch were the ceremony took place was super romantic surrounded by fresh earth, vines, and ground cover. We spruced it up with some blue hydrangeas, ivory china mums, yellow rovers, safari sunsets, dendrobium orchids, greenery and curly willow branches. GORGEOUS!
Bridal bouquet started off small and ended up bigger as she walked down the aisle and gathered other blooms from close family/friends. Then her mother tied all of the bouquets together to make one large bouquet. Super colorful and perfect for this fall, rustic wedding.

Cake was amazing and looked magazine worthy! The favors for the guests were jars of honey, with "Meant To Be" the bride & grooms names and their wedding date listed. This wedding could not have been more detail oriented and absolutely breathtaking!