Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bella Boutique Cookies

Do you still need a favor, a little something more to give the bridesmaids as a thank you, or are you having a shower and want a yummy dessert that will be talked about more than a cake from Costco or a tower of cupcakes? Then you must check out Bella Boutique Cookies. They are a wonderful company offering unique designed cookies for any occasion. I think these are perfect for wedding favors or if you are having a candy buffet for your guests, why not throw in a few wedding cookies as well. There is no minimum order and their prices are perfect. I have to say that you can never go wrong with food, especially couture cookies. Check out their website at

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Monograms, crystals, and rhinestones. OH MY!

Many of my brides are asking for crystals, rhinestones, and monograms to be included in their bridal bouquets, their boutonnieres & corsages, and even on their cake.

There are many fun ways to incorporate some bling to the bouquet flowers themselves, or even on the ribbon wrapped
handles. We can even dangle monogrammed letters from the
bouquet to personalize each of the Bridesmaids' names.

The cost to add a bit of sparkle is very minimal. Ask for details during one of our free consultations.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bridal Show Special

The Bridal Show this weekend was a huge success! I was so excited to have over 800 brides come into my booth. Everyone was raving about my bouquets. I allowed anyone to take photos of my work and handle all of the flowers and bouquets as well. (What a wonderful compliment for anyone to want to take a photo or see the bouquets closer.) All of you girls were all very positive with your comments about the ribbon wrapped stems, the freshness of the flowers, and the colors and styles of all of my bouquets. I want to thank each and every person who came to my booth and was interested in my work.
If you are getting married and would like help with your flowers, I would love to design for your BIG day! Because I do not like to pressure people into contracts, I am offering my show special through February 1st. This way you can still take advantage of the savings of attending the show, but did not have to feel pressured to sign with me right then and there. The show special is a huge savings. Not to mention I am very reasonably priced to begin with. Please contact me today to get the "January Show Special". You can have the most beautiful flowers an affordable price.

*Free Grooms' Boutonniere
*Free Throw Bouquet
*10% off total flower order
*$50 off delivery & set up fee
Hurry! This offer ends 2/01/09

Friday, January 2, 2009

Preventing a disaster wedding

PREVENT A DISASTER WEDDING 101: Do it yourself FLOWERS... This is a very risky idea that could end up costing you more money than having a professional floral designer help you with it. I had a bride who I quoted $1,000. This would cover her bridal bouquet, 3 bridesmaids, a flower girl, about a dozen boutonnieres, some corsages, 10 small centerpieces, cake flowers, and delivery & set up. Sounds like a lot of money, but it was actually pretty decent for all the things she wanted and the flower choices that she wanted. However, she decided that she could save a couple of hundred dollars if she went to Costco and bought and designed her own flowers with the help of some "creative" friends.

The bride decided that she would start working on the store bought flowers a few days before the wedding to give her enough time. So she went to Costco bought what she thought she needed, had her friends over to help her, and then started on it. This was harder than she thought. But they were all having fun and when all the flowers were used up, she had to make another run to Costco to get some MORE flowers, and then a third run because she didn't realize how many flowers she actually needed to make the bouquets look decent. Now she was getting worried because she was actually spending a bit more money than she thought. However, she was still under the $800 mark so she figured she still did good.

The bride had finished most everything a day ago, put the flowers in her refrigerator and felt that they would certainly do great in there. WRONG! Refrigerators have food products in them which give off ethylene gas and kill fresh flowers. This is exactly what happened to this DIY bride. Most of her flowers had gotten too cold, froze, and then turned brown due to the ethylene gas and some of the other flowers got wilty due to the culture shock between Costco, the car ride home, the mishandling of the flowers by the unprofessional "creative" friends who helped design the flowers, and then going into the fridge. So the night before the wedding, the bride is now at a grocery store ordering her flowers. She ended up with whatever the grocery store had available, which was not exactly what she had wanted, and spent about $500 more here. Her total for flowers between Costco & the grocery store ended up being $1125.

It is not worth saving a few hundred dollars when you are working with perishable items. Leave this work to a professional florist who not only knows how to handle and design the flowers, but can guarantee them as well.