Friday, January 2, 2009

Preventing a disaster wedding

PREVENT A DISASTER WEDDING 101: Do it yourself FLOWERS... This is a very risky idea that could end up costing you more money than having a professional floral designer help you with it. I had a bride who I quoted $1,000. This would cover her bridal bouquet, 3 bridesmaids, a flower girl, about a dozen boutonnieres, some corsages, 10 small centerpieces, cake flowers, and delivery & set up. Sounds like a lot of money, but it was actually pretty decent for all the things she wanted and the flower choices that she wanted. However, she decided that she could save a couple of hundred dollars if she went to Costco and bought and designed her own flowers with the help of some "creative" friends.

The bride decided that she would start working on the store bought flowers a few days before the wedding to give her enough time. So she went to Costco bought what she thought she needed, had her friends over to help her, and then started on it. This was harder than she thought. But they were all having fun and when all the flowers were used up, she had to make another run to Costco to get some MORE flowers, and then a third run because she didn't realize how many flowers she actually needed to make the bouquets look decent. Now she was getting worried because she was actually spending a bit more money than she thought. However, she was still under the $800 mark so she figured she still did good.

The bride had finished most everything a day ago, put the flowers in her refrigerator and felt that they would certainly do great in there. WRONG! Refrigerators have food products in them which give off ethylene gas and kill fresh flowers. This is exactly what happened to this DIY bride. Most of her flowers had gotten too cold, froze, and then turned brown due to the ethylene gas and some of the other flowers got wilty due to the culture shock between Costco, the car ride home, the mishandling of the flowers by the unprofessional "creative" friends who helped design the flowers, and then going into the fridge. So the night before the wedding, the bride is now at a grocery store ordering her flowers. She ended up with whatever the grocery store had available, which was not exactly what she had wanted, and spent about $500 more here. Her total for flowers between Costco & the grocery store ended up being $1125.

It is not worth saving a few hundred dollars when you are working with perishable items. Leave this work to a professional florist who not only knows how to handle and design the flowers, but can guarantee them as well.


  1. I couldn't have said it better myself! The other alternative to fresh bridal bouquets are silk. I design & create beautiful artificial bouquets using exceptional quality real touch flowers, they look amazing. Have a look on my website, Using silk is also a good way to DIY, keep in mind a qualified florist know all the principals of floristry, & is not quite as simple as everyone thinks it is!

  2. Thanks "ONE WILD NIGHT". I appreciate your feedback. It is so true about have some sort of professional helping you with flowers wether it be silk or fresh. I checked out your site and loved what I saw. I think my favorite is the Beach Rose bouquet. Great looking silks! Thanks again!
    Jen at Ever After Florals

  3. Amen Jen! ;)

    I've even volunteered to charge a small labor fee to take over the DIY flowers from harried brides! If you know what you're doing they can be beautiful, if you don't...

    One of my close friend's mom was like this. I volunteered to do the flowers for the wedding for free as my gift to the couple. Her mom didn't want to give up that much control to me--have me choose the flowers, etc. so she ordered online and asked me to arrange them.

    She ordered 1,000 roses for a May wedding here in AZ they arrived via Fed Ex and sat on the terminal at Sky Harbor for a while. They arrived without any packaging to keep them cool or alive. The roses literally fell apart as I picked them up out of the boxes.

    We lost 80% of the roses. The bride's bouquet was supplemented with emergency flowers we had to get at Wal-Mart because it was the only store open.

    It's a lot of trouble and most florists will work with you and your budget.