Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cabbage Roses vs. Peonies

Attention brides who LOVE peonies!!
Peonies are not available year round. There are two seasons for Peonies, domestic or Peruvian. The Domestic Peonies are available from the end of May (usually the last week or two of May) through mid June. The Peruvian Peonies are available from the end of November through the second week of January. So only 4 months out of the year, you will be able to get fresh Peonies. Now there is always alternate growers off of the mass market who can sometimes get some big enough for cutting, but this is very rare and definitely not guaranteed. What I have been suggesting to my brides who have to have PEONIES, is a wonderful alternative that look very similar and are available pretty much year round. Are you ready for this super floral secret?...... Cabbage Roses! Yes, there is a variety of rose that has an extremely large petal count and open very similar to Peonies or a cabbage (hence the name Cabbage Rose). Can you tell which photo has Peonies and which are the Cabbage Roses? I'll give you a hint the one on the left is NOT peonies. So brides to be, please know that there is alternative flowers out there for you and a professional floral designer can help you obtain the look or style that you are trying for, without using the obvious.


  1. Where are earth can I order cabbage roses!? They are gorgeous!

  2. Courtney you can order them at any reputable florist! They are wonderful! Good luck on your findings.
    Ever After Florals