Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ebony & Ivory Backyard Wedding

Black tables helped to make all the all white flowers POP!

All white Gerbera Daisies, stocks, roses, and hydrangeas, waiting to accent the guest book table, cake table, the guest tables, etc.

Large entrance pieces. Hydrangeas, stocks, mums, &Gerbera daisies in large black onyx vases with black branches behind them. Very nice first impression as guests walked up the front walkway.

Black sheer draping, accented with a large magnolia bloom helped make the front entrance to this home based wedding very swanky and extraordinary.

The fireplace mantle was adorned with multiple candle holders, fresh Gerbera daisy blooms, rose petals, and white pomeanders of carnations & mums set upon black candle holders of various sizes.

Black glass matte vases filled with all white roses, hydrangeas, Gerbera daisies with black centers, carnations, and mums. These centerpieces were very simple with no color, but oozed elegance once set upon the all black tables.

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  1. Backyard wedding!! That’s quite good idea and inexpensive too! Well, they had turned backyard into a beautiful place. The decoration is wonderful! There are lofty spaces that provide services for garden weddings. I have booked that venue for my wedding.