Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Busy?? Hire a coordinator.

Are you busy with work, school and life and now have to start planning your wedding too?? Don't stress out, there are thousands of girls just like YOU! But only a few smart enough to hire a professional wedding coordinator. Seriously girls, try to work one of them into your budget. They can actually help save you time and money and practically pay for themselves if you have them help you with obtaining other vendors & your venue. You see, they are here to help. They are going to make YOU their #1 priority too, which is great at the time you most need it, your wedding day.

Valerie Bolitho of Blueprint Affairs can help you with a blueprint of your day and a blueprint of how you want your event to play out. She is available for brides who need help from the beginning of the planning process through the end of the day. OR for a bride who just needs help the day of the wedding.

Please think about your day and how much prettier you will look if you are not stressed out or worried about small details that you know need to get done. Valerie and her team at Blueprint Affairs will take care of everything. Their motto: "At Blueprint Affairs our mission is to create a memorable event that you will cherish forever. With attention to detail and never settling for anything short of your vision, Blueprint Affairs strives for excellence."

Did you know that one of the biggest regrets brides have were not hiring a coordinator? Don't let that be your regret too. Call Valerie Bolitho today at 623-215-8657 or find her at

Good luck ladies!

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