Sunday, August 3, 2008


Today is my birthday, so what better way to celebrate than to share with you the floral horoscope for August. Click the link below to read yours:

I'm a leo or a Sunflower according to Teleflora here is mine:
Leo: July 23- Aug. 22 / Flower: Sunflower

There's something you've been talking about doing for several months, maybe even years. Now is the time for action. If you need help, ask and you will receive. Meanwhile, be sure to savor the rest of summer: outdoor concerts, picking flowers from your garden, a day at the beach.


  1. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Jen ... Happy Birthday to you!

    Great blog! LOVE IT! Can't wait to see more of your beautiful work!

    Love ya!

  2. JENNIFER!!!!!! I didn't know today was your birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Lets go out for lunch or coffee one day this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I'm so happy you started a blog. You go girl!!

  3. Happy Birthday! Congrats on the new blog.