Sunday, August 3, 2008

Silk vs. Fresh flowers

Gone are the days when silk flowers were only for home decor. Now in the new millinium of floral design, silk flowers are made to look as real as possible. Many brides are now asking, can I do silk vs. fresh? I say, YES! Especially, here in Arizona, when weddings are not a common event in the middle of the summer. However, I suggest using the highest quality silk flowers possible. This way they look real and photograph more naturally. Most importantly your wedding guests will be asking, "Are those real?" The great thing about silk is that they will look great and last throughout the entire wedding, even in 115 degree weather. Matter of fact, they will last forever. Which saves you money getting your bouqet freeze dried and preserved. Now that I gave you the pros on silk, let me give you the cons. Silk does not mean cheap. Most high quality silks can run $5-$20 per stem, which is just as costly or in some cases, even more so than fresh flowers. The other con is that there is no scent, and they are made of plastic/silk/wire/etc... There is no right or wrong type of flower that you choose. Do what is best for your situation. I have even done some weddings that had fresh flowers for the bouquets and boutonnieres, yet opted to do silk flowers for the centerpieces. It worked out wonderfully!

Pictured above: Silk bouquet of white lilies, purple hyacinth, hydrangeas, and fillers. Photo provided by: Ever After Floral Creations
Pictured above top: Silk stem of candied cherry blossoms is tall clear vase. Photo provided by: Event Essentials & Ever After Floral

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